I believe that freerunning/ parkour can bring out a positive and out going personality and encourage you to look at the world in a different way and be more aware of your surroundings. I believe that the nature of the sport can help a person become more active mentally and physically and improve self confidence. When you are learning a new move it motivates you to push yourself but also reminds you of your personal limits. The sport and all that encompasses it teaches you to be very in tune with your body, mind and the environment around you. 

Personal achievements:

  • Ranked top 5 in Australian Sydney’s ‘Aapes’ competition and Singapore’s ‘Lion City Gathering’ 
  • Placed top 3 in Australias 'X5 Jam' 
  • Travelled and competed, representing Australia

Skills // Experience 

  • Gymnastics teaching qualification 
  • 7 years of parkour training experience 
  • 6 years of teaching experience 


Instagram parker.brandon