School Workshops

-Burekup Primary School 

Our incursion workshops are 30 minute programs where students will rotate through three circuits that collaborate climbing, jumping, landing and rolling and are designed to teach an underlying skill. The underlying skills we aim to improve are; safe landing techniques, safe climbing techniques and how to jump correctly. Through fun and engaging exercises, we reach great results, which in turn, help with the safety of students climbing at school or at home on the playground. 
How it works:
Our incursions start with a 15 minute performance to all students during morning assembly which demonstrates professional level flips and tricks from the coaches as well as a short talk about what parkour and freerunning is. 
After this we begin our workshops and we can run back to back 30 minute slots for the duration of your school day until roughly 2:00pm, breaking at recess and lunch.
This usually works out around 8 classes in the day and can take up to 30 in a class (240 students in total).
Sessions can be flexible to any school curriculum or timetable
"It was the most awesome, engaging thing we have organised for our school! The kids loved it and still talk about it weeks later. It was non-stop so no time for kids to be hanging around waiting. Highly Recommend!!" - Burekup Primary school 
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Contact Information:
Phone number: 9707 3813