Waiver of Liability for X5 Academy Use

I agree that i, the Customer, undertake this recreational activity voluntarily and entirely at my own risk. I agree that X5 Academy, its employees and agents do not warrant or otherwise represent that recreational services provided in connection with, or incidental to, the recreational activity/participation undertaken by me are provided with reasonable care or skill. Neither X5 Academy nor any owner, employee or agent thereof shall be liable in negligence or howsoever for any harm (including death & injury) or property loss or damage suffered by any participants as a result of undertaking this recreational activity.

I declare that I am of a good health, and free from any adverse medical conditions. If in doubt seek medical advice. I will inform the instructor/supervisors of any conditions that may affect my ability to participate in any exercise or group fitness programs, prior to participation.

By my signature I indicate that i have read and understand this Waiver of Liability and enter the premises at my own risk. I am aware that this is a waiver and a release of liability and i voluntarily agree to its terms.

I haven't received my confirmation email.

Confirmation emails are sent once your payment has been fully processed. This can take up to 1hr. If you have not received your email after this then try the following:
Check all spam/blocked/trash files in your email account.
Check correct email address was entered at time of checkout.
Email X5 Academy directly at x5academyoz@gmail.com and leave your contact details and brief description of your problem.

Can my child just attend parkour classes casually?

Yes they can, however classes are capped at 24 students (Excludes Pee-Wee) and once this has been filled by members we will no longer be able to accept casual students.

Can I sign up for a membership anytime during the term?

Yes. Our memberships run for approximately 10 weeks however the price you pay during online registration is automatically reduced on a weekly basis to allow for this.

Can my child change days during the term?

No they cant. Places are limited and must be kept open for other students. Changing days anytime during the term creates administrative,scheduling and online store problems and it is for these reasons we will not allow it. Please choose your child's days of attendance carefully to avoid this. Despite availability in other classes/days, this is still not possible as our student database CAN NOT be altered once you have enrolled. 

My child missed his/her day, can they make it up by coming another time?

NO, Students that miss their class due to illness (short term) or other sport/family commitments etc can not attend other classes as this can put a class over capacity and/or take up the place of a paying casual patron.

My child is just under the age bracket, can she still participate?

If your child is within a few months of a particular age bracket we will first trial them in the lower age group to assess their capability and ability to follow direction. Once we have assessed your child our coaches will make a decision on whether to move them up or down.

My child's friends are in the class above, can he move up?

Students are moved up based on their ability to perform manoeuvres and take direction. Moving a child up before they have met this criteria poses a high risk of injury and will not be done.

When can a membership be terminated/refunded/discounted?

Membership prices are set by management and can not be changed. In the event of an injury/illness where a student is unable to attend classes, a doctors certificate must be produced with a minimum of 6 weeks absence, it is only under these circumstances the remaining membership can be refunded or held in lieu for the following term. Public holidays will be deducted off memberships automatically. Personal holidays will NOT be deducted. Classes are non transferable.

What does my child need to participate in a class?

Students will need to bring a water bottle, wear comfortable clothing and enclosed shoes (runners/joggers are best). Thongs sandals and bare feet are not permitted.